Manufacturer's and exporter's of water and waste water treatment plants and turnkey projects. Aquawatch registered supplier of public Health Department Defence.

(India army Indian Airforce and Indian Navy) and All State government Authorities.

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Waste Water Treatment Plant

Waste Water Treatment Plant/Recycling Plant:

Manufacturing the all types of Sewage Treatment Plants and Effluent Treatment Plants, available in several kinds of capacities, Waste Water generated from others industries need to be addressed adequetely, provides the latest and advanced technology. There are two types of waste water treatment processes which is given bellow-

1-Sewage Treatment Plants:

a-Sequential Batch Reactor,(S.B.R.),
B-Membrane Bio Reactor,(M.B.R.),
C-Moving Bed Bio Reactor,(M.B.B.R.),
D-Submerged Arabic Fixed Filter,(S.A.F.F.),

2-Effluent Treatment Plants:

a-Electroplating E.T.Plant,
b-Textile E.T.P.
C-Food Processing, leather, refinery, etc , E.T.Plants available also.


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